BK Innovation 2018 is officially launched!

BK Innovation 2018 is officially launched!

Jan 19, 2018 | News / Events

For the first time there is a competition combining creativity and start-up for students of Bach Khoa University. The total value of the prizes are up to 600 million VND.

Being the pioneer in teaching and learning, Bach Khoa University has been constantly carrying out many activities to help students approach knowledge in ways that trigger them to learn liberally. What students will receive during their years studying in Vietnam is countless: workshops featured with businessmen/experienced engineers/ entrepreneurs, startup clubs, business incubators, career orientation day, etc.

Following that, BKU Innovation has partnered up with some buzzing organizations including Saigon Innovation HUB, Technology Enterprise Incubator – Vietnam National University, Youth Startup Center, etc. to create not just a playground for ideas and creativity, but a bridge to transform ideas into useful and practical solutions. Who will be taught? Who will learn from this? Who will be benefited directly? The answer is all BKU-ers who are willing to take the chance.

Dr. Vu The Dung – Vice Rector of BKU shared his though on the Kick-Off day:

“Through the activities organized by different faculties in our university, we found that students of Bach Khoa University are very active and creative. Many have excellent ideas, while the common difficulties for young people who want to start a business are investment capital, business planning, legal procedures, that’s why we’re here to change that. That’s why BK Innovation is organized”

The kickoff event was fully crowded with over 500 students. Yet the deadline for signing up is March 11 so if you haven’t been able to join yet, there’s still time!

► The competition consists of four rounds:

  • Preliminary Round: The teams submit one idea (soft or hard copy) to the board of organizers.
    Deadline: March 11, the 100 best ideas will be funded with VND 1,000,000 / idea and advanced to Round 1.
  • Round 1: Each team has 5 minutes to present their ideas to the jury. The 50 best ideas will be funded with VND 2,000,000 / idea and go to Round 2 to build detailed plans.
  • Round 2: Each team has two weeks of preparation with guidance from startup professionals of the Advisory Board and a 20-minute to present the plan to the jury. The 20 best ideas will receive VND 3, 000,000 / idea and go into the final round for actual implementation.
  • Round 3 – Final: Teams have five weeks to implement the plan/ build product prototype and present to the jury. All presentation must be done in English

 ► Prize structure:

  • 01 First Prize worths 30,000,000 VND. In addition, the top 3 best teams also have the opportunity to go abroad and learn the model of successful startups in Asia.
  • 02 Second Prizes worth 15.000.000 VND / prize
  • 02 Third prizes worth 10,000,000 VND / prize
  • 15 Consolation Prizes worth VND 4,000,000 / prize.


Join to share ideas, find team members and listen to advise from startup professionals:

► fb.com/groups/ketnoiBKInnovation/about/

CONTACT INFO – BKU Innovation Contest 2018

  • Phone: (028) 7300.4183 | 0909.977.371 (Ms. Hang) | 0168.7975.771 (Mr. Trinh)
  • E-mail: bku.innovation@oisp.edu.vn
  • Facebook: BK Innovation

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