Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration made for children in Tra Vinh

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration made for children in Tra Vinh

Oct 3, 2017 | News / Events

Children at Phước Hưng Commune had their early Mid-Autumn Celebration with members of Bach Khoa Youth Union & OISP Youth Union

On the 23rd of September, Bach Khoa Youth Union and OISP Youth Union organized a trip to Phước Hưng Commune, Trà Cú District, Tra Vinh Province to help needy children and families to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.

Every year, when the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming near, Bach Khoa University organizes trips to places where people and children are in difficulties and cannot afford for celebration of traditional festivals. We hope we could bring joys and happiness to the needy children and families in such touching moments.

On this year trip to Tra Vinh, we have prepared 150 presents for children, each of the present comprises 1 backpack, 5 notebooks, 1 lantern and 1 box of mooncakes. All of the presents are funded by lecturers and staff of Bach Khoa University.

Here goes some moments captured during the trip:

We wish you all have a warm and touching Mid-Autumn Festival with your families.

News, Photos: THẢO LÊ