An interesting journey of I-SIGHT 2018

An interesting journey of I-SIGHT 2018

May 7, 2018 | Student Life

We are SIM – School of Industrial Management family

An annual event of the School of Industrial Management (SIM), I-SIGHT 2018 has attracted enormous audiences from inside and outside university

In the evening of April 7, 2018, at the A5 conference hall of the Bach Khoa University, the arousing curiosity night of 2018 was held with the theme “I-SIGHT” by the students of School of Industrial Management. And it attracts enormous audiences from inside and outside the University.

The event is organized into 4 main parts.

1/ I-Talent – I find my inner talent: this is a talent seeking competition in which candidates can broadly perform in many fields like dancing, singing, and musical instruments playing;

2/ I-Race – I overcome the challenge: this is the challenging of race and dust;

3/ I-Shine – I swimming through The Manager to Be: 3 out of 4 rounds challenging with business solving cases.

4/ and the most exhilarating part of the night is I-Sight – Gala night: “I look back”.

The night started early when students were all in their prom-like costume, arrived and “checked in” with very well decorated photo booths.

Gala night began with three honorable representatives of the I-Talent and I-Shine who win the “Manager to Be Contest” in September 2017.


The School of Industrial Management awarded the prize for our I-Shine

The heat’s getting higher when the performances of SIM students through repertoire including dancing, singing then exploded when top guest singers, such as Karik, hit the stage.


Multiple performances were played during the Gala Night by students from the faculty

King and Queen of 2018 I-SIGHT Gala Night of Bach Khoa

And has been highly anticipated by the students when first announced, the newest addition of this year gala had finally been revealed: 2018 I-SIGHT “King and Queen”. A platform for Bach Khoa student to show their confidence, their talent.

As an ending of the show, I-Sight Gala Night was honored to welcome alumni of the School of Industrial Management for “I Look Back” session. Sincere practical knowledge, work experience, and gratitude are warmly shared among lecturers, alumni and all members of the SIM. 


A reunion of lecturers, alumni and all members of the SIM marked the warmest ending of the Gala night.

As a tradition, SIM is really an energetic and active playground for students to exchange knowledge, connect, show their inner talents and relax after long days of studying. Let’s stay tuned and look forward to seeing what the program will have to offer next year!