Bach Khoa graduate was chosen as an artificial intelligence ambassador for Nvidia Corporation

Bach Khoa graduate was chosen as an artificial intelligence ambassador for Nvidia Corporation

May 7, 2018 | Student Life

Huynh Chi Kien is currently a graduate and researcher at Bach Khoa University, and recently he was chosen as the ambassador for artificial intelligence in Vietnam by NVIDIA.

Following this news, nVIDIA will send experts to Vietnam to train Kien directly, enhance him with deep learning on latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology. After the training, Kien will be responsible for conveying his knowledge to others in Vietnam as a brand ambassador role of work.

Ever since studying at Tien Giang High School (My Tho City, Tien Giang Province), Huynh Chi Kien has had passion and talent in the field of information technology. In 11th grade, Kien won the third prize in the The Young The Creative Contest in My Tho, by showing perfectly smooth quiz software. It was this milestone that encourage Kien to pursuit study Computer Science at the Bach Khoa University.

And on his latest achievement, Kien actually went through a very well-prepared stage. Most prior is the all-round knowledge, practical experience he already learned himself in the field of AI. Aside from his personal profile, Kien himself has to make a short video about himself so that the corporation representatives can evaluate his knowledge and communication skills.

Only until his final year in, Kien chose to focus on the minor area computer vision – a sub-field of AI, yet he still successfully published two scientific report papers in the time given, one published on Science & Technology (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) journal and one presented at the International Scientific Conference in China. Continuing to pursue this research in higher education, Kien published three more articles on other international scientific conferences.

Huynh Chi Kien is currently a researcher of two laboratories at Bach Khoa. Despite receiving many offers working with a salary of thousands of dollars, this guy still embracing the path of higher education in the field of AI at Bach Khoa University.

HÀ ÁNH (Thanh Niên Newspaper)