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Wednesday, 06 December 2017

Thanks for all the support and participation. Bach Khoa’s 2017 OISP Camp with the theme of The Werewolf Night, which took place on Nov 11 and Nov 12, is wrapped up with a BOOM!

BKU OISP Camp 2017 01 6a107

SK19 in front of their camp gate.

Studying in Vietnam with programs being taught fully in English will not be that fun without qualified extracurricular activities. That is why the OISP Camp, one of the most prominent activities in the four-year program in our university, has always been enthusiastically expected by the students.

BKU OISP Camp 2017 07 250fa

BKU OISP Camp 2017 08 08a60

Flashmob performance of SK7

The theme for our 9th OISP Camp was inspired by The Werewolf board-game. 29 classes of 2017 intake each took a spin and choose their own character to compete in several activities in 2 days of camping, including:

- Cooking Contest
- 7-levels team building
- Camp-Gate & Mascot decorating contest
- Flashmob Contest
- Bach Khoa’s Next Top Model

BKU OISP Camp 2017 02 a7093

SK13 Camp gate

And with the participation of almost 1000 freshmen & lecturers, The Werewolf Night was marked as the most crowded camp we ever organized during the last 9 years and you can tell, all the students from English Program, Advanced program, Articulation program & Japanese enhancement program, all had their amazing night together. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

BKU OISP Camp 2017 05 adf75

Team building

BKU OISP Camp 2017 03 07d87

SK12 Cooking Contest entry. And yes, it was inspired by a wolf feet. ;)

BKU OISP Camp 2017 04 f4850

BKU OISP Camp 2017 12 bd1bc

And the EDM beat is on!!!!

BKU OISP Camp 2017 09 10c66

The performance from our international students was so good that all students can’t help coming to the stage and join them. Hope this will be a beautiful memory for all international students study in Vietnam shall remember.

 BKU OISP Camp 2017 10 64c3d

Opening of OISP Next Top Model contest

BKU OISP Camp 2017 11 f0fbc

Vedette of the Camp: All “characters” gather around for campfire and fireworks.

And finally, here goes all the highlights from our 9th OISP Camp:

OISP Camp is an annual activity exclusively for freshmen who join International study programs at BK-OISP. In this activity, freshmen play a vital role in the camp by promoting ideas, selecting location, preparing, rehearsing the performing activities.

All the activities are supported by teachers and OISP team.

This is an ideal opportunity for students to practice their soft skills in team-work, organizing events, communication. Moreover, working together during the trip can help students to meet and get to know their teachers and OISP staffs better. OISP camp will be the most memorable time for Bach Khoa Students.

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OISP Camp 2017


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