Speed Limiter for electric vehicles by Newbies K2017

Speed Limiter for electric vehicles by Newbies K2017

Oct 11, 2017 | Student Life

Awarded the First Prize at the Science and Engineering Fair for high school students in Southern region, 2015 – 2016, Hiếu and Khải passionately presented their products like real scientists. Hiếu shared with us: “Whenever I see people driving electric vehicles with high speed, it always reminds me and urge me to create a speed displayer and limiter which could help reduce traffic accidents”.

Although there are several types of electric vehicles in which speed limiter are integrated, helping reduce 10-20km/ hr. compared to the maximum speed. However, one disadvantage of this function is that the speed limit is fixed and unchangeable. And luckily the creation of the young guys made good the drawback.

In over 3 months, with support from Mr. Lê Thanh Hồng, Lecturer of Physics, and through research of 14 ways of how electric vehicles operate, the young guys found out a suitable way to adjust the speed by affecting the electric tension from the steer to the IC of the electric vehicles. Components used are wire, communication cables, printed circuit boards, magnets, etc.  The mechanism and the formula to assemble components are complex, yet stable operation. Unsurprisingly, functions of the device created by these young students have great impact and application in reality.

The biggest difficulty when creating the device was programming the IC (integrated circuit). Although they were high school students specializing in English, they were very keen and dedicated on Information Technology. At the time they were also in the IT Selective Team of their high school, preparing for the National Contest for Excellent students, Khải and Hiếu started programming the IC. All of the programs were made with the Arduino IDE – an open software. With great efforts and devotion, the speed limiters for electric bikes and scooters won the First Prize of Science and Engineering Fair for high school students in Southern region, 2015 – 2016.

This is also the highest achievement that students from Quang Ngai province have ever attained. This project was also selected for the Final Round to the International Science & Engineering Fair.

Creations from Hiếu and Khải have all new scientific and creative features. More importantly, the creation matches with the society’s demand, contributing to efforts of reducing traffic accidents. The price for the device is around 350,000 VND each.

Trịnh Phương Hiếu, alumni of the Lê Khiết Gifted High School, has been directly offered admission to university. He is now studying Mechatronics (intake 2017) at Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Bach Khoa University.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Hua Duy Khang, Vice Director of Training of Can Tho University, shared that QS Rankings is a very well-known and trustworthy international ranking. That’s the reason why the University very concern about its rank on the list and always adjust the activities in order to maintain and keep them ranking up. However with every different point of time, there will be a different performance which leads to a change of rank.

Mr. Nguyen Hua Duy Khang, Vice Director of Training of Can Tho University, shared that QS Rankings is an international ranking organization, working independently so the results are relatively objective. Therefore, the university is very interested in this ranking and will always pay attention to adjust in all activities not to just maintain the performance only but to improve the overall performance also.

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