Jan 7, 2018 | Student Life

Photo: peaceful city of Springfield

Illinois-land is known to be the most populous place on the West-Central region. It is also home to the city of Chicago – America’s third largest city after New York and Los Angeles. Illinois is not just a populous state, has an active life that includes yourself the fantastic creatures such as Lake Michigan, Missisipi River full of dreaming. Besides, can prompt to Illinois as a same fertile land, favorable for both agriculture and industry. Should the economy here consistently at a high level and are stable over the years.


Photo: An angle of view on Chicago

Illinois includes 9 cities with large and medium scale: Chicago, Aurora, Naperville, Joliet, Rockford, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin. In particular, the State capital located in the small city of Springfield-the location associated with the name of President Abraham Lincoln-2 unified leadership in the South-North America, bringing both countries escape from slavery — he was an exemplary statesman and represents all the good qualities of the Republic and democracy in the United States, in the spirit of equality and forgotten because of the water.


Photo: street corner Springfield

It is said that, Springfield is a “good player” in the investment for education. In the academic year 2000-2001 were spent on average $ 8,672 to train students, higher than the country average is 7,898 dollars per student. Student: teacher ratio is 1: 16 (the average rate is 1: 15.9). In the population from 25 years of age, 85.9 percent had high school diploma (the country is 82.8 percent).In 2002-2003 Illinois has a total of 60 public and 115 private schools at the University. The facilities serve the University also was augmented in the second half of the 20th century.

Set a firm foundation for education is the University of Illinois, the first public school in this State’s history, was built with large, diverse educational program, the University has kept its leading position and get very high appreciation from educational institutions at home and abroad. (By atlantic.edu.vn)

 Photo: University of Illinois Springfield

Here, the economy is based mainly on the eaters, jobs at the facility, accounting for a large proportion of the city’s workers. Also the things that make Springfield become a dynamic city as not hustle, everything is very easy to adapt.

International students here all take care care of eating in, to go back. Fully-equipped universities to students from residence halls, private homes, apartments, resort to …In addition to the cost of daily living is not too high (about $ 800), the city of Springfield has the choice of so many students wishing to study in the United States.