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Sunday, 29 October 2017

You’re struggling with major subjects and in need of tutoring service, yet tutors for those subjects can’t be found easily outside of Bach Khoa? This Study Buddy program might be your solution!

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Study Buddy is a tutoring program that have been effectively implementing to students following English Programs & International Alliance program of OISP.

Via this program, OISP – Office for International Study Program recruit students with excellent study result (Teaching Buddy) to tutor students who are in need of support (Study Buddy). The program is free of cost and apply to all students of OISP, with very practical benefits to Study Buddy including:

  • Enrich knowledge on specific subject(s)
  • Improve overall GPA
  • Gain scholarship opportunities
  • Learn study skills from Teaching Buddy

For Teaching Buddy, besides having a chance to revive subject’s knowledge, improve standing point, they will receive benefits of counted days of voluntary work & activities and financial support from the office.

Role of Teaching Buddy in the program are clearly defined as:

  • Support & consult study buddy on academic subjects
  • Guide study buddy on subject’s assignment/ homework
  • Motivate Study Buddy to achieve better results

“I’ve been there, I had been through all kind of struggles to pass those academic subjects. That’s why I signed up, I want to help others who are in the same situation. Nguyen Ngoc Huy from K15 (GPA 8.13, Electrical – Electronic Engineering) shared.

Another sharing from Pham Quang Truong from K15 (GPA 8.15, Mechatronic Engineering) “this program is not only just about benefits, it’s the students showing their spirit of helping each other, motivate each other and together, achieve better result”

If you’re interested, here’s the information you need:
Teaching Buddy can sign up at:
Study Buddy can sign up at:

★ Contact: Mr. Chiêu,
★ Office: Room 402, A4 Buidling