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Along with the basic knowledge, the Pre-University course also provides students with necessary softskills, art knowledge and extraindoor and outdoor activities.
1. SCHEDULE: 12 weeks of study
Activities Time
Opening 08/09/2015
Midterm exam 19/10/2015 – 25/10/2015
Reserve week (holiday week) 09/11/2015 – 15/11/2015
Final exam   14/12/2015 – 20/12/2015
- Duration of Softskill class: 3 hours/day/week/class
- Class size: 30-35 students / class
The course provides students with the basic skills of two groups: undergraduate academic skills and professional communication skills
  • Undergraduate academic skills
This course will help students to get ready their necessary attitudes, skills to integrate quickly and effectively right after participating in undergraduate programs.
After the course, students will be able to study in local and international study environment with ability to:
- Identify learning objectives and future career
- Listen, share ideas, ask question, take note, search for information
- Argue in group discussion and report for projects
  • Professional communication skills
The course will provide students the concepts, knowledge and techniques to communicate effectively and helpful attitude and professional communication style. After attending this course, students will be able to:
- Make presentation in front of the audiences
- Build relationships: compliments, criticism, resolve conflict
- Identify and solve problems
- Devolop critical thinking and creativity
- Develop skills in extra activities: arts club, sports, team, organization of seminars, camp, picnic, etc ..
STT Lecturers Degree
1 Vu The Dung Doctor
2 Nguyen Thi Anh Phuong Master
3 Ta Hung Anh Doctor
4 Banh Thi Uyen Uyen Master
5 Cao Tuan Minh Master
6 Hoang Kim Duong Master
7 Nguyen Chi Toan Master
8 Nguyen Duy Binh Master
9 Vu Thi Thanh Thuy Master
10 Nguyen Thi Le Thi Master
Beside lecturers, the program systematically teaching assistants (TA - Teaching Assistant) in all the classes to help students acquire and best use of skills learned and implement community projects and extracurricular activities.
- Communication Skills
- Teamwork skills
- Presentation skills
- Writing Skills
- Time Management Skills
Arts Subjects are conducted in parallel and distributed strictly according to the schedule for Softskill subjects. Students should consider carefully and then select one of the art subjects that suit personal favourite.
- Journalism
- Vocal Music
- Theater - Drama
- Photography - Filming
Duration classes: 2 hours / day / week
- Help students develop comprehensive skills
- Bring opportunity to identify and develop talent in the arts
- Reduce the pressure during the initial learning environment at the University.
- Provide ability to apply and incorporate soft skills in the process of learning the arts in order to achieve the highest results
Lecturers teaching the arts have many years working and teaching in their respective fields.
STT Lecturers Currently in charge Subjects
1 Dang Thi Mai Editor of “Sai gon Tiep Thi”, one of the best magazines in Vietnam Journalism
2 Nguyen Sy Luan Sy Luan is a famous talented musician, singer and MC in the music shows and also an actor Vietnam Vocal Music
3 Le Thanh Phong A talented musician, singer and music lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City Conservatoire, one of the most famous Vietnamese conservatoire Vocal Music
4 Huynh Duc Nam A professional photographer with variety of experience in his career and many great prizes Photography
5 Nguyen Phuong Hong Loan Director, Actress and lecturer of Movie and Stage University Theater
Extra activities are organized to once again orient students to apply skills that they have learned into practice, besides the construction and expansion of communication relationship with the teachers, friends. There are some activities that will be organized in each Pre-University semester
  •          OISP Camp
  •          OISP Community Project
  •          OISP Presentation Contest
  •          Year-end Party OISP
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