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4 reasons choosing to study Automotive Engineering in Vietnam?

Saturday, 30 December 2017

- Written by Qummar Hayat, Pakistani freshmen 2017

- Currently studying Automotive Engineering at Bach Khoa University, Vietnam

Choosing the right academic institution, or the right major is a big choice in life. Listen to the very on-point sharing from Qummar Hayat, a Pakistani student studying at Bach Khoa University from 2017 intake, the 4 reasons why choosing to study Automotive Engineering and studying at Bach Khoa, Vietnam is the choice you should really consider.

Here’s his sharing:

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Qummar Hayat, Bach Khoa University freshmen, majored in Automotive Engineering.

“A bachelor's degree is awarded at the completion of an undergraduate academic program. It is often the first degree a student received in their academic career. Students in automotive engineering programs can prepare for a variety of different careers in the field. And for this program, Vietnam is offering a very good education. Here are some facts explaining why you should choose Vietnam for Automotive Engineering studying:

1. Vietnam offers a diverse variety of job opportunities, with 96% of the students from Bach Khoa found their dream job after graduation. Many graduates find job opportunities at various levels in production, post-production, industrial processing, automotive design and research and design.

2. Automotive Engineering combines the science of mechanics, electrical and materials, which provides students with the basic principles of engineering together with the modern vehicle design requirements in terms of safety, fuel economy and industrial manufacturing. In Bach Khoa University, students of Automotive Engineering are trained to be technically qualified as well as professional in designing, manufacturing, monitoring, managing, identifying and solving issues in the industrial environment.

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96% of the students from Bach Khoa found their dream job after graduation

3. Vietnam’s economy is developing rapidly, the number of vehicles in use increase very fast, the automotive industry in Vietnam is kicked-off with several investments from developed countries like Japan, Korea, and America, which create a huge number of jobs and demands in Automotive Engineering Technology. Therefore learning in Vietnam might be a good start for you if you have the same dream with me, to work in Automotive Engineering for Toyota.

4.  The programs here at Bach Khoa are being taught in English and degree will be recognized by the world. The university tuition fee and living expenses to me are quite affordable, yet they offer scholarships for qualified international students also, this is a plus point for students who want to study abroad within their financial eligibility like me”


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