Jul 24, 2017 | News / Events

On 12/6/2017, Bach Khoa University (BKU) officially joined the top of the first 4 universities in Vietnam receiving accreditation from HCÉRES (The High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education) at institutional level after several evaluations.

A remarkable milestone in the journey of 60 years & still counting.

Bach Khoa University (formerly Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology), a key member of Vietnam National University, was founded in 1957 by combining College of Civil Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering, College of Industrial Arts Engineering and Vietnam National College of Maritime Technology. This was recorded as the very first milestone of the history of formation existence and ongoing development of BKU.

With its original vision which is providing well-trained human resources for the nation, the university has taken a further step in developing undergraduate training activities with high-quality students, promoting post-graduate training, enhancing high-quality training programs and offered various international cooperative training programs.

The vision has been proved to be right, as Bach Khoa University was expeditiously recognized as one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam thanks to their graduate’s competency and knowledge in various fields of professions. Those first generations of BKU-ers have efficiently contributed to the society and the nation in general.

Achievements of these first steps are the exact standards which BKU’s generations of lecturers, academic staff, and even students had set and forwarded to the next ones. This encourages these next generations to devote their time, knowledge and keep moving forward with a purpose of contributing to the continuous development of the university, to raise the bar of “excellence”.

A longer run from where it all started, the university has made recognizable development throughout the years in both inner and outer aspects of which highlights are the integration into the global university network through adapting global educational standard into operation:

  • International study environment in which English is used as the main language.
  • Cooperation with prestigious universities all over the world with modern educational approaches
  • International accreditation conferred by reputed independent organizations.
  • BKEL system (HCMUT e-learning) and tutoring support
  • Enhancement of students’ skills in term of social activities, specialized activities, teamwork, presentation and chances to work in a professional environment.

Along the journey, the University has been recognized with 22 international accreditations at program-level, by which the University’s training programs are acknowledged to have reached global standards.

And 12/06/2017 is another remarkable milestone in the university history, BKU was accredited by HCÉRES at institutional level by which not only students in specific accredited programs, but also all students of Back Khoa University are attending global standard training programs and learning in a global-standard environment.

Thanks to all efforts made from the Board of Rectors, lecturers, staffs, and officials of the university, the benefits added are countless:

  • Learners will increase their competitive advantages when looking for work (many companies have specified priority to recruit graduates from internationally-accredited university) or continue to study at well-known foreign universities.
  • Universities in the same standard systems will recognize each other’s degrees and credits, which increases opportunities for educational cooperation with oversea universities, promote the internationalization of the training programs.
  • Enterprises have a good quality source of potential employees who study international accredited training programs
  • The society is promoted through accumulated values from learners, schools, enterprises

60 years ago, the very initial standard was set. Now at where we’re standing, the university has already been recognized as the leading center of academic, scientific research and technology transfer in Vietnam, transforming BKU itself from a local leader to an international educator.

Comparing how it was and how it is today, the tradition of continuous devotion to keeping raising standards has always been precise.  The efforts made by generations of BKU-ers are acknowledgeable. No matter long the way is, let’s stay tuned to see how the standard of “excellence” will continue to raise in the future of BKU.