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Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Bach Khoa University) provides international students with 14 undergraduate programs in engineering & technology, 1 undergraduate program in Business Administration.

Pre-university Program is offered to equip students with the very best academic preparation and study skills needed at the undergraduate level.

Soft skills 1 47ff0 English 1 878c6


HCMUT Automotive Engineering 1 be6e7 HCMUT Business Administration 1 4c797 HCMUT Chemical Engineering 1 8bc6b
HCMUT Civil Engineering 1 11b58 HCMUT Computer Engineering 1 f4133 HCMUT Computer Science 1 d38cb
HCMUT Construction Materials Engineering 1 e88eb HCMUT Electrical Electronics Engineering 1 6792e HCMUT Environmental Engineering 1 49d45
HCMUT Environmental Management Technology 1 a88a4 HCMUT Food Engineering 1 2d576 HCMUT Mechanical Engineering 1 bac63
HCMUT Mechatronic Engineering 1 bddad HCMUT Petroleum Engineering 1 b903d HCMUT Transportation Engineering 1 e5ce9


For Master program, HCMUT (BKU) is currently offering only one international program: Executive Master of Business Administration in Management Consulting International.

► For more information, please visit EMBA - MCI site here.