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Technology innovation and entrepreneurship course

Monday, 16 January 2017


HCMUT has opened the course "Technology innovation and entrepreneurship" for 77 graduated students of the school on the morning of 01/09/2017 at the Center for Technology Business Incubator.

Joining the course, students are equipped with the knowledge of innovators and startups such as lean startups (LEAN startup), method of effectively thinking forward (Effectuation) and the learning about the need of customer (job - to - be done), identify personal goals and objectives of innovation. 

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Students gathered during an activity of the class.

According to Assoc.Prof.Dr Le Trung Chon - Head of the Postgraduate Training state that the courses help students to access to real working environment, the development trend of the professions in the era of IoT (Internet of Thing) and the fourth industrial revolution.

This is the useful knowledge for practitioners and technical sectors to learn about technology and management with the trend of globalization today.

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Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung and studetns taking pictures together at the first day of learnig

Starting in 2017, HCMUT has put "Technology innovation and entrepreneurship" course in the Master training programs for all sectors.

All students are equipped with leadership knowledge, skills of innovation and entrepreneurship (through Leadership Course - Leadership- 2 credits).

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Students expressing their start-up ideas

The course are extremely well-received by all the students attended, as they are excited with all of the activities in the class. Many students state that this course is truly one of the most interesting subjects that they have had the chance to learn.

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A management diagram are being analyzed by the tutor

Many new classes will be held in the future, you can update the information on the website of HCMUT.